French, 28 years old.
Pronouns: She/her
Trans, Lesbian.
Colorblind (protan)
Pisces, Gemini, Gemini

Beta Sibling

About me:

Yo, I'm Jane, what more can I say? I don't know really, let's just say I'm friendly but not that talkative, unless you speak to me first. I'm usually chill and friendly, unless I'm in a cursed shift/mood.
I enjoy a lot of random stuff such as: comics, movies, old memes, "old" tech, video games, music (DnB, Beat Tapes), any form of art, and last but not least serious discourse about bullshit topics (and vice versa).
I am a system, still, don't worry, most of the time, you'll still talk to me.
Don't bother to follow me if you're a TERF, a class traitor, a bootlicker or anything in those lines.
Tho, feel free to add me if you're friendly, wanna talk or anything.
Be excellent to each other, party on dudes. Peace out.

Kin lists:

The main kin I identify with and have the most memories of:

Beta Sibling (Homestuck)

Kin hearted:

I don't have any kin memories but I echo a lot with them:

Dirk (Homestuck)

Equius (Homestuck)

Sollux?? (Homestuck)

Zee-Tee (Eversion)

Bee(Sanity circus)

Raja (Phantasy Star IV)

Pearl(Steven Universe)

Kinstionning/Unexplained connexion:

No memories, just a strange vibe, a visceral feeling I get from them:

Gordon Freeman (Half Life)

Dev/null (VtM:Redemption)

Sam (Sam & Max)

Quote (Cave Story)

Tab/Corn (Jet Set Radio)

Matilda (Sonic archie)

Elise Ness (DOTE)

Gray knight(Castle crashers)

Iji (Iji)

Poppy Bro(Kirby)

Alter Ego.(Danganronpa)

Chiaki Nanami(Danganronpa 2)

Tsumugi Shirogane.(NDRV3)

Commander Video(Bit-Trip)

Francis Zach Morgan(Deadly Premonition)

The Protanamoly system:

Our system, ourselves...
As we currently mapped it.
Some parts are still "hiding" or too blurry to properly identify.

The system.

The crew:


That's me.Host. She/her (they/them is fine too).Page of Heart aka The pathfinder.


Fictive Earthpony.Self helper & Protector.She/her.Rogue of Void aka The skydiver.


Fictive, pyrite troll, AU, from Homeland. Already in the afterlife.Self helper? They/Them.Witch of Life aka The convalescent.


Past me.Protector, memory holderMost likely the orignal(est)He/him.Heir of Time aka The dissenter.


Carefree kid. She/her.Heir of Hope aka The believer.


Introject & Persecutor.He/They/It.Page of Rage aka Full of shit aka The malignant.