French, 30 years old.
Pronouns: She/her
Trans, Lesbian.
Colorblind (protan)
Pisces, Gemini, Gemini

Beta Sibling

About me:

- Yo, I'm Jane, what more can I say? I don't know really, let's just say I'm friendly but not that talkative, unless you speak to me first. I'm usually chill and friendly, unless I'm in a cursed shift/mood.- I enjoy a lot of random stuff such as: comics, movies, old memes, "old" tech, video games, music (DnB, Beat Tapes), any form of art, and last but not least serious discourse about bullshit topics (and vice versa).- I am a system, still, don't worry, most of the time, you'll still talk to me.- Don't bother to follow me if you're a TERF, a class traitor, a bootlicker or anything in those lines.- Tho, feel free to add me if you're friendly, wanna talk or anything.- Be excellent to each other, party on dudes. Peace out.

Kin lists:

The copinglink I identify with:

- Beta Sibling (Homestuck)

Kin hearted:

I don't have any kin memories but I echo a lot with them:

- Dirk

- Equius

- Sollux??

- Zee-Tee

- Bee
(Sanity circus)

- Raja
(Phantasy Star IV)

- Pearl
(Steven Universe)

Kinstionning/Unexplained connexion:

No memories, just a strange vibe, a visceral feeling I get from them:

- Gordon Freeman
(Half Life)

- Dev/null

- Sam
(Sam & Max)

- Quote
(Cave Story)

- Tab/Corn
(Jet Set Radio)

- Matilda
(Sonic archie)

- Elise Ness

- Gray knight
(Castle crashers)

- Iji

- Poppy Bro

- Alter Ego.

- Chiaki Nanami
(Danganronpa 2)

- Tsumugi Shirogane.

- Commander Video

- Francis Zach Morgan
(Deadly Premonition)

The Protanomaly system:

Our system, ourselves...
As we currently mapped it.
Some parts are still "hiding" or too blurry to properly identify.

The system.

The crew:


- That's me.
- Host.
- They/them.
- Page of Heart aka The pathfinder.


- Fictive Earthpony.
- Self helper & Protector.
- She/her.
- Rogue of Void aka The skydiver.


- Fictive, pyrite troll, AU, from Homeland. Already in the afterlife.
- Self helper?
- They/Them.
- Witch of Life aka The convalescent.


- Past me.
- Protector, memory holder
- Most likely the orignal(est)
- He/him.
- Heir of Time aka The dissenter.


- Carefree kid.
- She/her.
- Heir of Hope aka The believer.


- Introject & Prosecutor.
- He/They/It.
- Page of Rage aka The malignant.